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Great Wrap

This is my new favorite!!!

Great bowl

Easy flow w the smoke and the glass is so beautifully made, great for travel too!

Top Shelf

Should have started with this set up at the beginning. Easy to use and very precise temps.

Raw Hoodie
kenneth Tarlowe
Raw hoodie red

Perfect !!!

Good bags

Little bigger then said which is cool, great bags

Excellent product

As described, she'll proof, also they are a bit larger then they say. You get a good product for the price!

RAW CDT+ Terp Spray | 5ml
Kristin Lindsay
It's awesome

I will definitely be ordering more it takes you smoke to another level

Raw terp spray sfv og

Its truly works, turns the STRONGEST INDICA! Into a whole new type of day time weed! feeling for day time so no need for multiple strains! Ittl save money!

Do not buy

The hole is so small that after I used it for a week the resin gets sucked down into my bong and gets all over the bottom of the slide. This thing would be great if the hole was a little bit bigger and if the bowl was a bit shorter it’s too deep

These new gun tools are great

Recommended purchase,great battle scarred texture, the metal quality is durable ,dab spoon can be unscrewed from the barrel and is REPLACEABLE 5/5 .


Excellent grinder, basically you get keef. It's amazing

High Voltage Premium Detox Drink 16oz


SWEET!!! Love it. I even works!

Puffco Hot Knife Electronic Heated Loading Tool | Indiglow
Eric Neutman
Puffco hot knife

Absolutely works fantastic, definitely much easier to load bowl

Very happy

Compact and stylish vape. Excellent battery life.

Nice cheap piece

Excellent experience!!

Everything Went Smoothly

The product is exactly what I wanted, it arrived quickly, the price was fair, no complaints here. Also don't mind that I'm helping out fellow New Yorkers. Would order from them again.

High Quality!

This piece is wonderfully made with thick sturdy glass with a lovely design. It's extremely smooth for it's size. This is my first purchase of a more expensive piece but I don't regret it at all. I've had this bong since June 2022.

Very adorable

They're all very cute and accurate to the photo but they're a little too big, you'd need a very big nail to spin more then one. Love the mushroom tho

Smokebuddy Original Personal Air Filter

Blown the fuck away

I and my boy are experiencing the space station as I write this review. We have never been so fU***** lit in our 40 years on this earth. But we left planet earth tonight with the space station. We ain’t coming back😎👽🇺🇸
This is A-Mazing. Shout out to OG artist!!!

Perfection and inexpensive

Best bang for your buck I love the fact that it doesn’t stick every time it’s clean it’s grinder is probably the best cheap grinder I have purchased in a long time I recommend it to anybody

Dope as bowl

Works like a charm!