14mm Female Dab Nails | Female Quartz Bangers

14mm Female concentrate nails, or dab nails for your Dab Rig. We offer a variety of female bangers as a replacement for if your break your regular dab nail. Most of the bangers here will be female quartz bangers, typically quartz buckets, but you may find the occasional female terp slurper or thermal sand banger here as well! These are the perfect bangers for taking dabs if your dab rig has a male joint, and we offer options in 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Shop our selection of the best female concentrate nails for sale now!

14mm female is not the most common joint size/gender for bangers so please be sure to double check to make sure this is the correct size that you need! This joint will slide over top of your bongs male joint.

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