Bong Cleaning Supplies | Bong Cleaner, Cleaning Plugs and More

Cleaning supplies of all sorts for your bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes and electronic devices. We offer several brands of bong cleaner that will ensure your piece is as shiny as new, long handled bong wire brushes, bong magnet cleaners, bong cleaning plugs and other unique trinkets and bong cleaning kits that will assist you in getting rid of all the grime and scraping resin clean off! 

When it comes to cleaning flower bongs, iso based bong cleaners work excellent, but for heavier resin buildup or for dab rigs, we recommend an acetone bong clear or letting you piece soak in some 99% iso alcohol for an extended time. Bong Magnet Cleaners can also be a fantastic way to scrape whatever is left over if the bong cleaning solutions left some residue. While cleaning, Bong cleaning caps or cleaning plugs can be an excellent edition as it allows you to shake your bong more vigorously without splashing any cleaning liquids.

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