18mm Male Bong Bowl Pieces

18mm male bowl pieces for your bong or water pipe. These bong bowls, also called slides are the small glass piece that sits in your water pipe, meant to hold the flower or any herbs you are smoking. 18mm Bowls are very often used on larger bongs and allow for slightly more airflow and bowl size. We have large and small 18mm glass bowls, for those who like to take a single hit, or go for a full gram bowl. If you seek a bit more style in your smoking setup, a new 18mm slide is a great way to add some extra color and function! Maybe its a claw handle bowl, or a screened bowl so you don't pull herbs through - the choice is yours!

We offer a variety of different 18mm bong bowls including triple punch bowls, single hole bowls screened bowls and designer bowls! Shop out complete selection of 18mm Male Bong Bowls now!

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