Bong Joint Adapters | Glass Adapters for Bongs

Bong joint adapters are small glass pieces that convert different joint sizes, joint genders or joint angles. If you want to use your 14mm bowl on your 18mm bong, we offer adapters that will sit in your bongs 18mm joint, and convert it to a 14mm! We also have joint adapters for male and female bongs, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm joints and some can convert 45 degrees angles as well! Having all of these adapters will allow you to truly utilize all of your bongs and bowls/dab nails. Many users also use keck clips, or bong joint clips to attach the adapters in place.

Not only do we offer a bunch of utility adapters, we also offer some more unique adapters such as bong hose adapters, split adapters that let you use multiple bowls at once, drop down adapters and more! Get more utility and fun out of your bongs and dab rigs with our various adapters.

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