14mm Male Bong Bowl Pieces

14mm male bowl pieces for your bong or water pipe. The bowls, also called slides are the small glass piece that sits in your water pipe, meant to hold the flower or any herbs you re smoking. These are primarily glass bowls but you may find some 14mm silicone bong bowls as well. Whether you need a new clear 14mm glass slide or a fully colored glass bowl, we have a solid selection for you! Claw and horn handles, wig wags, cool colors and more - the choice is yours. Bowl slides are a great way to express yourself and add an extra color accent to your bong, so check out our full selection of 14mm bowl pieces today!.

Screened Bowls - We offer several styles of bong bowls - single hole slides, four hole slides, triple pinch, and multi hole slides. Many users have a preference on the style of bowl they use, and for good reason. screened bong bowls, such as the triple pinch or 4 hole slides, often provide superior airflow as well as support for your herbs as they burn. You don't want all your flower to pull through one hole that's too big!

Large and Small Bowls - We offer small bong bowls for users that want a single hit, as well as large 1 gram bong bowls for those who want to truly see the stars. We try to have a large variety to meet every smokers volume preferences.

14mm Male is the classic size for beakers and many other average size bongs.

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