Carb Caps

Carb Caps are the glass piece that sits on top of your dab nail, creating pressure and allowing your concentrates to be vaporized. We offer a variety of different carb caps for sale:

  • Bubble Carb Caps: Bubble Carb Caps are round directional carb caps that allow you to adjust airflow direction during your hit. The classic chap and size of bubble carb caps allows them to fit on most sized dab nails, making these some of the most popular style carb caps.
  • Spinner Carb Caps: Spinner carb caps have multiple airflow chambers that spin the air entering the banger creating a vortex of dab smoke. These Spinner Vortex carb caps are great for use with terp pearls as they allow the best constant spinning.
  • Plug Carb Caps: - Plug Carb Caps don't allow any airflow into the banger, aside from a small bit that is able to get through the seal. This creates more pressure and work well often with either small dab nails or terp slurper variations.
  • Directional Carb Caps: Directional Car Caps are caps that are usually are angled in one direction, sending all airflow to one side of the banger. These directional carb caps can be twisted to change the direction of airflow, similar to a bubble cap but with less control.
  • Terp Slurper CapsCaps for terp slurpers are often Marbles that allow no airflow and sit directly on top of the terp slurper. Many of these Terp slurper caps come in sets.

We have several of the best carb caps for bangers, and sometimes you will even seen some custom, handmade carb caps and heady carb caps, made by artists and often limited edition! Whether you need a silicone or a glass carb cap, we have some of the best carb caps for sale near you!

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