Nectar Collectors and Dab Straws

Nectar collectors, or dab straws are the ideal portable way to smoke concentrate! Nectar Collectors work similarly to standard dab rigs, in which a nail is heated up to then vaporize  wax and inhale up the smoke. Most nectar collectors are made of glass, however sometimes you will see some silicone nectar collectors for the ultimate unbreakable experience! Every nectar collector needs a nail, typically made of quartz, titanium or ceramic, and ranging in sizes from 10mm, 14mm and even 18mm.

Benefits to a Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors primarily shine in their pure convenience and portability compared to a standard dab rig. Not only are the portable, but they are more discrete and easy to store, as well as being cheap and simple to use. Those who choose silicone nectar collectors paired with a titanium tip will also have the ultimate unbreakable dabbing kit!

Types of Nectar Collectors

Silicone Nectar Collectors - Silicone Dab Straws excel in being cheap, portable, and unbreakable these can easily be stored in a backpack without much wrapping! 

Glass Nectar Collectors - Glass Dab Straws have a bit more of the classic feel to them as most users are used to taking dab out of glass rigs. These nectar collectors can also offer more variety in terms of function over silicone.

Electric Nectar Collectors Quite possibly the greatest invention of the century, electric nectar collectors are the easiest way to take dabs on the go, as you don't even need to bring a torch! Simple press a button to heat up the nectar coil, and inhale! These electric nectar collectors heat up in seconds allowing for quick dabs anywhere without the hassle of heating your nail manually!

Nectar Collectors with Percs - Certain dab straws have water chambers inside the glass which contain a perc, and help to cool the hot dab smoke. Water Nectar Collectors with percs tend to be slightly less portable, or at least need to be dumped out first, and are a great middle ground between the portability of a dab straw with the function of a dab rig!

Glycerin Nectar Collectors Glycerin Dab Straws are a unique new style which contains glycerin inside the glass, trapped in between 2 layers to keep separate from your smoke. These glycerin nectar collectors can be stuck in the freezer to supercool the glycerin inside. When you torch the tip and take a rip off a freshly frozen nectar collector, you will barely even feel it!

Recycler Nectar Collectors - Some dab straws have extra recycling uptakes and drains on them for those who truly want their dab straw to feel like a traditional dab rig. These recycling nectar collectors keep water flowing constantly through a closed loop, giving a consistent pull that's easier on most users lungs

Nectar Collector Sets/Kits - We offer some full nectar collector sets with boxes, which typically come with a full glass nectar collector, some quartz and titanium nectar tips, a petri dish for your dabs, and best of all, a neat little box that contains all these pieces, making these nectar collector sets great for traveling, and also makes a great gift for dabbers!

With our large selection of nectar collectors available for sale, we hope to become your number one shop for looking at nectar collector and dab straws online!

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