Ashtrays for cigars, cigarettes, weed and more. We have ash trays for any situation.

  • Car Ashtrays for when you're on the go and don't want to get ash in your car - these ashtrays also fit right in your cupholder!
  • Outdoor Ashtrays for your patio so you don't get ash on the ground - perfect for patios and decks
  • Discrete Ashtrays so that visitors don't notice that you are a stoner!
  • Cool ashtrays that look like ordinary objects or featuring dragons and other scenery.
  • Metal Ashtrays that wont break - also tend to be cheaper ashtrays
  • Glass Ashtrays - Thick glass and easy to clean out to brand new!
  • Weed Ashtrays - Some ashtrays have special holders for bong joints and blunts, perfect for weed stoners.

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