$50 and Under

In the market for a new cheap bong or cheap dab rig? This section you will find all of our water pipes, bongs and dab rigs under $50. There is no need to always have a super expensive bong, and often times you can find some cheap bongs with excellent function! That is what we made this collection for! Many of these are smaller pieces made from glass, ceramic, acrylic and silicone and are perfect for travel or being a bit more discrete.

Simple Glass Bongs - Most of the cheap glass bongs in this section have a fairly simple perc setup and a classic look, such as a simple beaker bong or simple dab rig. These small cheap bongs for sale are usually very easy to clean due to the size and simplicity of them. 

Cheap Glass Bongs - All the bongs in this section are very cheap, with some bongs cheaper than $10, $20, and no bong being more expensive than $50. These are the perfect affordable bongs for sale that wont break the bank!

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