Q: How do I enter codes for free shipping or discounts?

A: Easy! We often send out promotional discount codes in emails if you are subscribed to our email or rewards program, and sometimes codes are posted right on the home page/banner of our website. If you have a discount code, then you can enter it into the "coupon" section upon checkout.

Q: How long are shipping times?

A: It generally takes 1-2 business days for us to get your order ready, and another 3-5 days for your order to arrive, however certain items may take significantly longer. Please refer to our shipping policy. We will do our best to contact you if there are any unforeseen delays or issues with your order. Please make sure you can check the email that you entered upon placing your order.

Q. What do I do if a product arrives broken?

A: If your product arrives broken, DO NOT attempt to use it, as broken glass is the last thing you want in your lungs. Please take a picture of the product clearly showing the break, and send it to "Support@Avernicsmokeshop.com". We can then send this along to our supplier and get a replacement piece sent out for you. Once again, if you receive a broken piece, we do not recommend using it. 

Q. I made an error on my purchase or otherwise want to cancel!

A. No problem at all! Please send an email to "Support@Avernicsmokeshop.com", or reply directly to your order confirmation email and we can get it fixed. An order must be cancelled before the item is shipped, which can sometimes be on the same day, so please let us know you need to cancel your order as soon as possible.

Q: How old do I need to be in order to purchase items on this site?

A: You must be 21 or over to order to make any purchases on our site. This is verified when you enter the website. 

Q: What are the different Joint Sizes? How do I find out what size i need?

A: There are 3 main size joints: 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. Knowing this is very important when purchasing a new bowl piece or banger for your piece, as having the incorrect size will not work. An easy way to find your joint size is to take a dime, which is 18mm in diameter, and put it in the female joint of your bong, if the dime can fit inside, it is an 18mm joint. If the dime only partly fits, it is a 14mm. If the dime comes nowhere close then you have a 10mm, those this is less common and typically only found on select mini-bongs

 Q: What is a Banger? Why would you use that over a bowl?

A: A banger is also known as a nail, or a carefully designed piece of glass that you use for melting oils or concentrate. They must be heated up by a torch and it is highly recommended that a Carb Cap to be used as well for the most effective dab. Nails connect directly to water pipes/rigs and have various different shapes, each coming with their own benefits such as heat retention or dab flavor. It has been shown in several tests that Quartz is the most efficient material in which to hit dabs off of, and quartz bangers can range from $10-$100.

Q: What is a dab tool and why do I need it? Are there different kinds?

 A: A dab tool or a dabber for short, is small handheld tool that is very important for dabbing. They are used to extract wax or oil and placed on a heated nail. For this reason dabbers are heat resistant, and usually made of metal or glass. There is not usually a benefit to having one dabber over another, but having a dabber from narwhal assist you on dabbing is always a pleasure!

Q: Why do I need an Ash Catcher? What does it do?

A:  An ash catcher is an attachment for your bong, and works exactly as the name suggests. Ash catchers will catch all the ash and debris from getting into your bong, thus making your bong cleaner. Ash catchers themselves are very easy to clean out as you can run them under warm water. This will also reduce the amount of time spent and effort put into cleaning your bong, which will make your herbs taste better as well. A secondary benefit of many ash catchers is that some contain percs themselves. This offers an extra level of diffusion to make your hits smoother. When purchasing an ash catcher, it is very important to know exactly what your bong requires. There are 3 main specifications: Size, Gender, and Angle. Ash catchers can have all sorts of size options, typically 14mm to 14mm, or 18mm to 18mm, but can have several variations. Please check what size your bong requires. Secondly, gender plays a big roll as well. Ash catchers can be male or female, and will not fit if you pick the incorrect gender. Typically most bongs have female joints and require a male jointed ash catcher. Lastly, angle can play a big roll as well, depending on how your bong is shaped. If your bong has a bowl that sits straight up, you will want a 90 degree ash catcher. If your bowl rests at an angle you will likely want a 45 degree ash catcher to put your bowl upright. One more factor to consider is the weight distribution of your piece. for 6" pieces or smaller, it is generally not recommended to use an ash catcher, as the weight of the ash catcher can make your bong tip over easily. 

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