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Vortex Spinner Carb Cap

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The Unique design of this cap allows for air to spin fully throughout the banger, and are most effective when paired with Terp pearl's, which can be found Here. Combine a spinner cap and terp pearls with a flat bottomed banger to allow your pearls to spin up to ludicrous speed. Warning: not many have achieved ludicrous speed during a hit and resisted a cough.

Color is assorted based on availability, but ranges between Purple, Pink, Amber and Clear

Pairs well with:

6mm Terp Pearls

Avernic XL Bucket Banger

Midnight XL Bucket Banger

Classic XL Bucket Banger

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
You get what you pay for

This carb cap works but the airflow sucks. It’s hard to pull when using. I would recommend spending a few extra bucks on something better.

Kimi Parker
It’s very beautiful

It’s beautiful and arrived in tact but I haven’t gotten the opportunity to use it because it is unfortunately too large for my banger.

Nathan Scheuerlein
So good I'm buying another!

Love love love this piece

Tina Ortega

Who knew carb caps matter?! This thing is awesome. Way better air flow and hits!

eli c.
Nice cap, came with a chip in the glass.

Cap is fantastic, but has a noticeable chip in the glass where the air comes out of on the bottom facing the banger.

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